From Term 2 2017, the Indigenous Art Club has worked on a collaborative learning project, using a method known as STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics). This involved students researching and designing an arts-based tile mosaic, representing a developing understanding and recognition of the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander climate, weather and culture. The members of the Club committed themselves to creating a beautiful mosaic, specifically focussed on the six Indigenous Seasons that are identified historically by Aboriginal communities in the local Casey area.

The eager students generously volunteered their time to the Indigenous Art Club on Thursdays and Fridays at lunchtime, and have been building skills and worked very hard on the construction of the mosaic. On the 7th of December, an elder from the Boon Wurrung Foundation will be coming in to speak to the whole Year 7 cohort about the six Indigenous seasons and their significance to Aboriginal culture and history. The mosaic will be finished and placed in the school grounds by the end of 2017 where students and the school community will be able to see it.


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