At Cranbourne East Secondary College, all students from Year 7 and 8 partake in units of drama curriculum. At the junior level, focus is on creative problem solving, as well as introducing them to common styles and techniques used to creating and making theatre. Students are often working in groups and are asked to reflect on their knowledge of popular culture to help them form greater understanding of the entertainment industry, and how they can create engaging pieces of work.

In Year 9, all students work intensively during the Term on Renaissance Theatre styles, namely Commedia Dell’Arte and Shakespearian Theatre. These two important styles help form the basis of most drama work – as well as being very engaging and fun. Students in Year 9 also get the opportunity to see live theatre performances that will help inform their own theatre making in the future.

Year 10 students who elect Theatre Studies will get a semester of understanding the important aspects of design that help make a production come to life. They also will be introduced to pre-modern theatre to help gain the historical knowledge and context of popular theatre styles through the ages. Year 10 Theatre Studies students also go on excursion to see a live theatre performance to help solidify their knowledge in class.

Year 10 Students who elect “Drama Festival” will be involved in a unique class project, endorsed by the Malthouse Theatre Company. Students will create a class play and then present this work to other schools from across Victoria and a board of professional theatre makers in the city. This is a rewarding opportunity for students to be involved in an experience that will help them develop as creative theatre makers and confident individuals.

VCE Theatre Studies and Drama are intense performance based subjects that require lots of dedication – though are extremely rewarding. Students who are interested in these subject areas are encouraged to read the handbook for further details and speak to their Drama Teacher about the expectations placed on students in this subject.

The Drama curriculum for 2018 can be veiwed here [inactive].

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At Cranbourne East Secondary College, our Music courses provide students with knowledge and skills to enable students to learn about a variety of different areas within Music. Ranging from group work, composition, problem solving to understanding how to present your performance in front of an audience.

Music is a compulsory subject at years 7 and 8.  Students will focus on building their understanding of instruments of the orchestra, composing, different styles of music and performance skills. They will learn how to play guitar and the keyboard and composition using traditional notation and soundscape.

At Year 9 and 10 Music is an elective subject. At both year levels students have the opportunity to focus on building their performance skills or looking at areas of Music Technology. In performance they will build on through rehearsal and performance activities students learn effective rehearsal strategies and practice performance techniques on their instrument relevant to the musical styles being studied. Music Technology has a focus on using computers programs understanding careers in Music. 

The year 7-10 Music curriculum for 2018 can be viewed here [inactive].

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